Dr. Milton Mills

Dr. Milton Mills

Dr. Milton Mills

Key Note Speaker

Nationally known lecturer on the use of nutritional measures to reduce the risk of major chronic diseases. 


Jasmine Leyva

Dr. Milton Mills

Dr. Milton Mills

Jasmine is unapologetically an artist.  With a Bachelor of Arts in TV, Film and Media and a Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting, she has worked as a producer on a number of projects including The Invisible Vegan


Tabitha Brown

Dr. Milton Mills

Tabitha Brown

Originally from Eden, North Carolina and a PROUD country girl!  Actress and Influencer known for her viral plant based/vegan food reviews!


Pauline Stephens

Pauline Stephens is an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor (aka Nutrition and Holistic Counselor), and owner of Becoming You Lifestyle Management which serves individuals in their quest to create wholeness using cultural, ancient, and modern practices.  

Pauline is also a yoga practitioner, avid marathoner and trained plant based culinary artist. Pauline has been called upon to appear at various schools, organizations, festivals and television networks to speak about healthy eating, create wellness plans and perform live cooking demonstrations.

Contact Pauline at www.paulinestephens.com for unique programs each quarter that you will be able to attend.  Expect ongoing Ayurvedic fusion cooking classes that will cover different regions including the Caribbean islands.  Also, you can commission her for several forms of Ayurvedic treatments  that will help you heal from anxiety, stress, migraines, insomnia, aches, and other ailments. 

Pierre C. Showalter

Pierre Showalter aka “Big Pop” is a country-grown, cornbread-fed, can’t get-out-the bed, drank like Ned, now has a clear head (A BIG one:) fun-loving guy from Roanoke, Virginia. 

Being encouraged to do a Vegan Challenge by his God-niece (forced if you ask him), who follows Tabitha Brown, Pierre finally understood the “big deal” surrounding plant-based lifestyles. “Your brain/body unhealthy really looks and works differently than when your brain/body is on Vegan Food.”

T Rose - Tamara Del Rosario

Tamara's love for the fine arts began early on. She learned multiple genres of dance, wrote her first stories and published her first poem before the age of 10.

In 2007 Tamara entered the doors of Faith and Family Church in Richmond, VA and T. Rose was born.  It was here T. Rose found the support and encouragement to begin honing her unique gifts.  Currently, she is focused on ministry through Creative and Performing Arts. T. Rose is also preparing to publish her first collection of poems and stories.